Your private server choices

So you were googling for how to set up a server for your kids to play minecraft (PC/Mac version) on because they are being griefed or you are tired of them having to see the rough and sometimes obscene language in the chat on many of the public servers. Maybe you are also hoping to find a cheaper solution than Minecraft Realms or there is some hardware/software issue holding you up.

Let’s back up. If you want to set up a server of your own that will allow you to have only those players you approve to play then you have three choices:

  1. Minecraft Realms ( ) – This is probably the most convenient solution. It is available directly through the minecraft software you are already using. The game is hosted on Mojang’s servers so they take care of all the work on that end and you don’t have to fiddle with the firewall setting on your network as the minecraft .app . It’s available in almost all markets now. They only thing you may balk at is the price. I think it is priced fairly however you may want to consider the long-term costs if you kids are going to play together over a year.
  2. Amazon Ec2 ( ) – This is do-it-yourself solution, but with someone else’s computer. If you are not already familiar with the nuts and bolts of unix and the concepts of server and client software, you have steep learning curve here. You will need to run and administer this using a number of tools to control a remote computer. On the up side, Amazon offers a year free for their lowest tier of service. Here are some good tutorials on how to set it up:Setting up a free Minecraft server in the cloud – part 1

    HOW-TO: Run a server on Amazon EC2

  3. DIY

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